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I am a firm believer that the 80’s had some of the greatest cartoons ever. I have a TON of favorites and one of the best ones out there was definitely Rainbow Brite. Am I right ladies????? 😉

So browsing through Etsy I found some of these lovely Rainbow brite items or items inspired by Rainbow Brite…..

Again with the leg warmers. But they are SO cute! And for the little wee’s? Even better!!   (source)

I love colors and I love cake. So here you have 2 for 1!      (source)

If you like getting creative with your make up, here’s a collection you can try…..   (source)

Looking for a costume for your little one? Here are some fun tutu’s you can get!   (source)

Now to be fair, here is one for the adults….. 😀   (source)

I have to say, it’ pretty fun to see all the things that people come up with on there. And it’s pretty fun to relieve your childhood in different ways. I can’t wait to see what other childhood items I’m able to find!!

Have a great night!

♥ xoxo ♥


Woo hoo!!! It’s Friday friends! And I’m super excited. Even though I haven’t been feeling too hot today, but I’m still excited that it’s Friday.  I feel like this week has just gone on and on and on and on…… get the point.

So for this week I confess……

♥  I am having a crafty weekend and I’m super excited. I never was really into crafts much until this past year. Now it’s all that I want to do.
♥  I am making glitter headbands.
♥  And I’m totally revamping half my closet.  Everything that is white, will be getting dyed a fun bright color.
♥  Oh and I’m still hating being completely glued to my crutches. Turns out I fractured my ankle. If I put any pressure on it, then I will completely break it. (gross)
♥  But I’m happy that we are not doing surgery as of now. I am terrified of surgery.
♥  I have had a total of 4 surgeries in my life. 3 C-sections  and also had had my gallbladder taken out.
♥  Doesn’t matter. I still don’t like surgery.
♥  I’ve been a much happier camper now that I’m not taking steroids anymore.
♥  I’m getting pretty sick of Utah’s Bi-polar weather. Today it has been snowing off and on all day. Then it would go foggy. Then snow. Now, the sun has finally come out to play and is beautiful. Oh sun, please stay.
♥  I feel mixed. I have major cabin fever, but at the same time, being home as much as I have is making me more reclusive.
♥  Luckily I am having visitors tomorrow to get a fix.
♥  My shop is opening in less than a week. EEP!
♥  I got my Heart Sunglasses today from Urban outfitters. I have been wanting these forever!

Well, that’s all I have for now. I’m planning on taking pics of my lovely girls night out tomorrow. Even though it’s at my house so I don’t have to travel. And I’ll post pics of my stuff that I revamped. It’s so much easier to make your clothes look new instead of having to spend SO much money buying new stuff. And plus, you get to make it to your specifics. Even better! It’s nice to have something entertaining to do at home since I’m unable to go out. Luckily this is keeping me somewhat sane. 🙂


I hope you all have a great night.

Much love

♥ xoxo ♥



This just reminds me of my childhood. I love it.

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