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They can be so fancy.

I obviously don’t have one, but they are still fun to wear. Hence my avitar.

So speaking of mustaches, I found some awesome stuff today……..

The most awesome shirt. And if you order this, you get a free mustache as well. You can’t lose!! (source)

Ok so what happens if your man can’t grow a mustache? It can be devastating. So how about a little something to build his confidence up??

Now you just have to watch out for all the ladies!!   (source)

The king of the mustache…..  (source)

And if you feel like being a smashing gent. here is your chance! (source)

I don’t know about you, but I’m always misplacing my keys. I’m sure this would help me tremendously. (source)

So I did actually buy the shirt above today and I’m super excited. My friend and I are going to wear them to a party and be fancier than everyone else. I hope they can keep up. 🙂

xo Amberface ♥

P.S. Don’t forget to sign up for the giveaway here!


No, I’m not trying to sound like a jerk. I really thought we had a chance. We were doing SO great. But at the end, this thought popped in my head. I was sad to see them lose.  I was also sad because The Jazz has been through a lot this year and even though I haven’t followed sports very much this time, (been lost in a lots of other things!)I felt because I was there, I needed to root for my home team.

Yay date night!

Here we are on our way to see the Jazz/Lakers game. (I have a problem with accidentally cutting off his face in pics. Oops. ) I forgot how much of a nightmare it is to find parking. Let alone handicapped parking for my poor crippled foot.

Finally after finding some ok parking, the hop in was quite the challenge. I’m getting to the point of being a pro on my crutches so walking in wasn’t at bad as I thought. It was just tiring. But then…..we got to the stairs. WOW. We sat in the upperbowl I was convinced that I would walk up with my crutches, but my hubs was convinced it would take another hour we didn’t have. So I ended up getting a piggy back ride up the stairs. I felt guilty. His poor back has been through SO much and carrying me UP A FLIGHT OF STAIRS is not an easy task. But I have to say, it was cute seeing all the reactions he was getting for being so brave.

This seems SO far away. So now you have an idea how going up those stairs was quite the task.  But after finally settling down in our seats, I didn’t realize how much I would appreciate and yet hate my right ear. Weird? I know.  But as I was going to talk about in my previous post, I had an opportunity of sitting next to “Utah” Lakers fans. I know it’s fun rooting for the teams you like and bla bla…but Derek and I have this thing about rooting for your home team because….well…it’s YOUR home team.

But during the game I was quickly realizing that my poor ear was going to be in pain for the rest of the night. My left ear was great because Derek was sitting on the left side of me.

Poor guy. He was SO tired.


But I ended up sitting next to the LOUDEST Laker fan there. My ear was aching. He wasn’t just cheering….it was like someone was getting massacred and he was either a witness or doing the massacring.  And he wouldn’t stop. Even when there wasn’t much going on, he kept going. My head was swimming with ideas of telling him to take it down a notch or just deal with it because we were having fun. Luckily at this time the lortab officially hit my system and I was able to bear with it a little more.


Jazz hands!!


Even though Derek was super tired, I was in constant pain with my ankle and my ear slowly starting to bleed, we did enjoy ourselves very much. We even had the opportunity to see John Stockton there.  And I even was able to sneak a pic of him smiling!!!! See!!


I was on the verge of laughing.  I was trying to be sneaky.


It was SO nice to get out of the house and it NOT be because I’m going to the doctors.  Sometimes I forget what it’s like out there because me and my couch have ended up best friends. I’ll be SO glad when I can have everything back to normal. I felt like I was going to die with all that walking on my crutches. I even had to take a couple breaks because my hands and leg were starting to give out on me.


So friends and family, send all your healing rays! I need to heal!!


Hope you all have a great weekend!


♥ xoxo ♥

Today was the job shadow and I have to say, I really enjoyed it. She was such a joy to work with in person and incredibly smart! I have to say, I was pretty impressed.

So to start off, I wanted to do something to welcome her and decided a gift bag would be great! Bree helped get things since I couldn’t go to the store and she had to get stuff for her kid as well. Here is the bag…..

It was full of candy, glow sticks, pens, and a cute little puppy.

I also wanted to make her a cute little card to go along with it. Here is the card.

I had to cut some of it off to not show her real name. She really loved
it though!!

First we went into the auditorium to meet our mentee’s. (Ha ha, I love 30 Rock) Then after the introductions we had the option of taking a tour or just go back to our desks. Penn decided that she just wanted to go to my desk. I was so excited to give her her bag. And she was pretty excited to get it. 🙂  She was so cute, she put some chocolate on my desk to give me. Awwwwww…..

We had to sit there for an hour asking questions and showing her about my job so she could understand the job field. I loved getting to know her. She has such a great understanding on life for being 10. And I can tell that her parents are really teaching her the ways of life as well. Just last week she had the opportunity to help out in the Soup Kitchen!

My job didn’t really have anything to do with her careers she had in mind, but I did the best I could to give pointers and any advice to help with future decisions. She has SUCH a love for animals and think that she would make a great veterinarian. My job really isn’t very exciting and I kept apologizing to her that it wasn’t. But I did let her know that helping in the health care industry is a VERY good thing to have under your belt. Knowing that you have job security is pretty comforting. I could tell that she was having a good time telling me all of her stories and I was entertained listening to her. (I did emphasize the whole college issue with her. I wanted her to know how important it was to get an education since not everyone has the opportunity to do so.)

Finally, lunch time. It was sad that we were coming to an end. I was enjoying this mentoring! And they HAD to serve pizza. I was bummed because it smelled SO GOOD. I ended up eating just the toppings so I could have SOMETHING. (I was starving!) While they were closing the presentation, she told me, “When I saw you walk in, I was hoping I would get you.” (awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

We got our pictures taken and said our goodbyes. It was sad seeing them leave, but still thankful that I was able to have this opportunity of mentoring. I hope that she takes the things she learned today and be able to squeeze it in her life.

It was fun. And I would definitely do it again. They did send me a picture of us taken together and I love it. Turned out super cute!

I also will have a little remembrance of this day as well. I accidentally cut my hand on the table as we were eating. (It was sharp!) And decided to turn it into something fun.


This is a good way to end a Friday.


Yay it’s that time again!!!

Some guilty pleasures and more are……..

  • My favorite lunch that I had this week was a bowl full of whip cream with maraschino cherries mixed in. My husband did witness this and his jaw dropped when he saw what I was doing. I loved every bite and it was gone in SECONDS.

  • I’m a little bit of a germaphobe.  Not really a “guilty pleasure”, but still something random to post. I am constantly washing my hands and putting lotion on. I can’t help it. The stupidest things freak me out.

  • Just like my SIL, I am a blog stalker. I love seeing into others lives and getting home ideas for myself. (My house is still pretty naked.)

  • My Beatles obsession is a LOT more then what I lead on here.  I have TONS of little collectibles. More than what my husband knows about. When he finds out, I am SO getting the “look”. (Maybe more…..hmmm…maybe I should just secretly stash them…..)

  • One of my all time favorite snacks is Jalapeno cheetos while eating Beef Jerky at the same time.

  • I have always wanted to go to a Ballet and I FINALLY get the chance to see Sleeping Beauty next month.

  • I LOVE scrapbook paper. I can’t scrapbook for the life of me, but I LOVE using the paper for other projects.  Like this….

  • I have an obsession with pens. Especially if they are colorful, glittery, smell good type of pens. I have more then I can count.

  • And speaking of glitter, I am obsessed! I love ANYTHING sparkly and feel that my life would not be complete without glitter involved.

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