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Hello friends. I am VERY happy that it’s Friday. For some reason this week especially has made me long for Friday even more. And I’m very happy it’s finally come to greet me.

So time to confess my week!

♥   I went to dinner with some dear friends this week. And I LOVED it! K, I know you may be thinking big deal!  But I haven’t seen these people since December and it took everything in my power to not squeal like I was 5! 🙂

♥   I’m so excited because I have some new print ideas brewing in my head and I can’t wait to share! (I think I actually got a little dizzy because I got a little too happy….Hmmmmmm)

♥   Kids had Spring Break this week. I admit. It was extremely rough. They were off of school, but I still had to work. They were not liking this at all and wanted every ounce of my attention which I could not give. It got messy. 😀 (made up with constant kisses and hugs. And letting them play the WII!)

♥   I have another blog interview coming up and spilled something I don’t share with many people. I guess I can give you a sneak preview and share here. Ready?……………………..I can do an AMAZING impression of a goat. My hubby is VERY proud and shows me off to his friends. 🙂

♥   So I did something dumb today. Today was a good ankle day. So I thought, hmmmm….maybe I’m getting better and not realizing it! So while fixing the kiddo’s lunch today, I put a little pressure on my ankle. Not a TON, but enough that I was thinking, hey……this is ok!……WRONG!!!. It started to KILL me. I couldn’t even put ANY pressure on it. So needles to say, won’t be doing that again. Walking on it will not help it heal. 😉

♥   So I like contests. Do you like contests? Because I came up with a fabulous idea to have some art dedicated to you. I’m very excited to share and there is virtually no work on your end accept to send me your idea of a print you would like to see. And it will be named after you. Isn’t it kinda fun to have something that’s you? I will be selling the print in my shop and you will be getting one as well. 😀 Totally worth it! I’ll give a date for submission soon! 🙂

Well now it’s time to finish enjoying my weekend. Starting with going to bed since it is pretty late. But I have some very special friends that are coming to visit tomorrow and I must be well prepared and ready. 😀

Have a good weekend loves!

♥ xoxo ♥


Someone you see yourself marrying/being with in the future

Well, since I AM married, we will give this a twist…..

This is my 2nd marriage. Obviously my first ended very badly which caused going back in the single life.  My first I didn’t really imagine being with him. We were best friends growing up.  Stopped talking………then a few years later started up again.  I fell fast. And maybe it was because I was comfortable around him and THOUGHT it felt right.  Of course things changed fast AFTER we got married. (Yes, I should have seen the red flags before, but I was young and didn’t understand or fully realize.) I did what I felt was right at the time.

It’s sad because the whole time we were married I obviously struggled. I couldn’t understand WHY he didn’t want to be with me. Why drugs were so much more important than the kids and I. The friends. The lies. The abuse.  I punished myself so much and felt that I wasn’t worthy enough to have anything greater.

It wrecked me.

Finally, it took me to realize I AM BETTER THAN THIS. My kids and I deserve to have a good life. Even if we had to do it ourselves. We deserved  to feel safe. We deserved something greater.

Finally I made the decision to break free.

It was the toughest thing in my life because I felt that I could have done more. But really, I couldn’t. HE had to be the one to decide to change. And unfortunately after many ultimatums, it wasn’t going to happen.

I didn’t think I deserved much. Then it hit me. Why not? I’ve done what I can. I have a lot to offer. WHY don’t I deserve to be with someone as much as they want to be with me? Why can’t I have that? My family did. I did too.

After 6 years it came to an end.

I really started to re-evaluate who I date and who I wanted to be with. After a few bad dates I really stopped to think what I want.  And deserve.

I wanted someone who was funny, accepting of my children, who wanted to be with me and wasn’t always wanting to be with friends,  steady, responsible, HAD A JOB………someone who LOVED ME.

He came along.  I couldn’t believe it. He was brave enough to ask me out even though I had 3 kids.

And one of the first things that made me decide that I really liked him………..

My little one took off out the door and he chased him down the street for me.

I still giggle about it.

He came to my house to pick me up. (Swoon)

Doorbell rings.

My mom opens the door. (I was helping with kids.)

I walk to the door.

Micah flies past me gunning it outside.

Absolute horror on my face.

I started to run after him.


He took over and ran to get Micah. (Swoon)

And…..the date was WONDERFUL.

No awkwardness. No Silence. We talked as if we knew each other forever.


Granted there have been times that it’s been really difficult, but really………

HE is what I saw myself marrying.

And I did.


If you have a weak stomach, don’t read this. If you feel sick after this, too bad for you!

So this is the story of my 28th birthday. First off, I can’t believe that I am 28! That seems so weird to me that all of these years have flown by. OK enough small talk. On with the story!
So Derek took me out to Red Lobster for my birthday. I was so excited because come on, it’s Red Lobster. You wouldn’t believe how much I was able to put away. First off  I am 5″2, 110 pounds or whatever, I don’t really know or care, but I’m pretty small and for some reason this night I was able to pack a lot away. I had 3 rolls, 3 cokes, half of an appetizer and 95% of my entire meal. And I wasn’t even sick. Or full. I felt great and I was excited to see what else what he had in store for my birthday evening!
We got up and walked outside in the freezing cold towards his truck. Not even 2 minutes later, (Literally, NO exaggerating) I said uh-oh and turned and puked all over their pretty rocks they had neatly layed out on the side of the building. This was no little puking either. I was hoping to keep it as lady like as I could. Ya right. I probably puked as much as a 300 pound drunken man. I mean, it was a LOT! Even Derek was kinda impressed. Worse is that I couldn’t stop this freak puke burst. It was getting everywhere and he had to drag me over to the grass because it was starting to go into the parking lot. Even after going to the grass my body kept on going. Then to make matters worse, someone pulled up right behind us (there were plenty of other spots available, but no. They had to park by me) I apologized for them seeing me and we finally drove off. So for the rest of the night I stayed at Derek’s house sick. Ya, it totally rocked. It was totally awesome to have my boyfriend witness something so incredible come out of his little girlfriend. Hopefully I made him proud.
Maybe next years birthday will go better. 🙂

Ok, one thing about my relationship is we aren’t really your typical couple who has a “song”, but I told him whether he likes it or not, I’m declaring that we have a song.  We both are the biggest dorks and this song just suits us. We love Flight of the Conchords and this song gets us laughing hysterically. I know he thinks that I am a dork for declaring this our song out of all the songs out there, but I don’t care. He gets me.

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