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Oh my gosh YAY IT’S FRIDAY!!!!!! Oh I’m SO happy…..What a week it’s been and I’m SO glad that this day is here because it means that it’s FINALLY coming to a close!!!

So my confessions for this week are:

♥   As I said in my previous post I was given some not so fun news this week.  I won’t hear results till probably next week so for now I will be keep it quiet. But I will say that it does scare me. It was a lot for me to accept when I was diagnosed with Celiacs. Now that I may have other things on top of if really isn’t my cup of tea.

♥   I can’t believe that all of this is coming from a stupid fall down the stairs.

♥   I’m extra paranoid this week because now my 6 year old has pink eye. Lysol wipes have been a great buddy of mine. 🙂

♥   Even though this week has been emotional, scary, draining, exhausting, and depressing, I have received some VERY good news that makes me feel like I can conquer the WORLD!

♥   Unfortunately I can’t share what it is yet.

♥   But still one of the happiest news ever from such a dear sweet friend.  🙂 ( I know you are going to read this. Looooove yoooouuu!!!)

♥   Besides getting married and having kids of course. 🙂

♥   But I am also very happy because we are planning a trip to Disneyland this year. 🙂 Squeeeeeeeee

♥   If you don’t know me enough by now, my Disney obsession is HUGE.

♥   I was actually going to college to be an animator for Disney/Pixar.

♥   And I wanted to work at Disneyland as a side job.  But….I had another baby….and plans changed.

♥   The next closest thing I’ll be having is a princess party my SIL and I are planning together this year. She is going as Snow White and I’ll be Sleeping Beauty.  I seriously can’t wait!!

♥   I finally am getting the hubs into collecting the Disney Big Figs. So far we only have 3, but that will soon change.

♥   But we are naturally collectors and big time geeks anyways so it works. 🙂

I hope you all have a great weekend. I get to take care of a little pink eye child and maybe get a little break since it has been a long week.




Wow, I made it! (I actually started to write this yesterday, but then someone came in demanding my attention………*sigh*) 😉

I’ve actually really enjoyed having this little challenge and it really has made me take a closer looks of things. There are a lot of things I’ve learned, but I think the biggest thing really goes back to the beginning. And that is being able to focus on my goals.You know, in your head you make goals all the time of the things you want to do, but for some reason writing them down makes it more official to me. I can tell that I have been more motivated getting my house the way that I want and have been working very hard at it. Granted the only things I’ve really started on were Rylie’s room and my bathroom. (working full time kind of makes things go slower. I get so exhausted!)

I have learned ( again and again) that I really can do the things I want to do if I motivate myself.  I am so thankful that I finally have a home that I can do the things that I want to do.

I’m very excited. I picked up this magazine yesterday……

Um….I am LOVING it.  I won’t be able to do ALL of the things like they have in here, but it does give me great ideas. I also picked one up for Derek because this is his favorite style…..

So now…….to mesh these two together without it looking like a mess……

It was fun 30 day challenge………Thanks for giving me things to think about.


Yes. Shoes. But not just any shoes…………these my friends are chocolate shoes.

And especially as a woman, you have melt down days….and with those meltdown days you obviously want something to comfort you. And these two are SUCH a beautiful mix.

And even though they look cute enough to wear, my mouth waters to think how good they must taste.

And yes….I DID have one of those days today. These pictures are making me happy. Eating them would make my soul happy.

The problem?

Deciding which one!!! (and would I eat them? They are too cute….)




Images courtesy of Gayle’s Chocolates

Why am I doing this challenge?

At first I was doing it because I loved the idea from my cousin and thought it would be fun for ME.

It seems that it’s been making me think about certain things I normally have brushed off.

Like….my purse.

I always tell myself that I need to clean it and keep it tidy, but with kids on the go….it’s my storage for EVERYTHING.

Me.  I am super hard on myself and tend to brush my capabilities aside. I need to stop doing that because I know I have potential. And I need to learn to be more accepting of myself.

My goals. They can be accomplished. I just need to schedule my time better and work on those goals so I FEEL better.

Also this challenge keeps reminding me of  people in my life.

My friends. They are amazing. I’m so thankful for them.

They deserve recognition on here because they are simply beautiful.

And  I have to say is this challenge has been giving me more ideas which I LOVE. My head has all sorts of things it’s wanting me to do!

I may be involving my SIL in these ideas I have flowing because she has my favorite style and is full of creativity.

I have to say. I am really excited.

I really adore this woman.

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