Oh what an adventure this week has been for sure! And now it is yet again Friday and time for some confessions!

I confess:

♥   I went to the last Disney store we have in the state with my SIL today.

♥   It was the best.

♥   It got me more excited for Disneyland and December feels like years away!

♥   Now Disneyland is all my daughter talks about.

♥   Oh and a puppy.

♥   I’m still waiting to find out WHEN I can have surgery and it’s extremely frustrating. 

♥   I takes a toll on a person when you are extremely limited to what you can and can’t do.

♥   Seriously, this princess party we are having makes everything better.

♥   I fell in love with the Princess dresses they had at the store and secretly wish that I could still wear them. 🙂

♥   I planted flowers today and it was WONDERFUL!

♥   I got a little sunburned because I’m incredibly pasty.

♥   I’m not going to lie….it felt great. 🙂

♥   I would like to look a little healthy instead of always sick. ha ha

♥   I haven’t had ice cream in quite a while and I feel like it’s damaging my soul. 

♥   I wish that I had my own personal chef to make me food.

♥   Who doesn’t?

Anyway enough with the rambling. I hope that you have a great weekend. I’m looking forward to more gardening and possibly a date to see Thor. 😉

♥ xoxo ♥