Ya…I know it’s Sunday. Oops. This weekend has been jam packed and even today I’ll be venturing off to family today so I thought that I would squeeze in a little blogging……

So….here goes!!

♥   I have changed my hair to auburn….again…I don’t know why I went back to blond (*ahem hubby likes it) but with auburn hair, I feel more…….ME. It’s my favorite hair color and have decided that it’s here to stay!

♥   I have rekindled my love for Ebay. I haven’t been on there for so long and now have remembered why I love it SO much! You find the greatest deals on there! And I’m super happy that I just won the cutest vintage owls!!

♥   I wish the person who is bidding against me for those vintage deer would stop because I REALLY want them. Your making this crippled girl VERY sad. (And more competitive.)

♥   I know to some this may sound lame, but I got my first sale last week! I seriously was SO giddy and squealed like a little girl. And I’m happy with how happy my customer was over it. It makes me feel all squishy inside when they write to me how much they love it. I feel making them that happy has officially completed my job.

♥   This snow is seriously making me so sad. Especially when I get a taste of spring for one day and then it gets taken from me. I know everyone feels this way, but doesn’t change the way I feel.

♥   I still want a cat.

♥   I am craving sushi like no other.

♥   I only cried once this week. (Hey, BIG improvement! This medicine has made me more weepy and this week it wasn’t as bad!)

♥   I actually cried because a very dear friend of mine fell off her balcony. 2 stories down. She is ok. Has a broken arm, but is in good spirits.

♥   I am very passionate about my friends. I consider them sisters. Literally.

♥   So it’s like 99.9% that I have to have surgery. And I won’t lie, I am very upset about it. I feel these last 2 months of recovering has been a waste of time.

♥   Inspired from my SIL and hubs, I need to make a bucket list. I never really thought about it much before, but lately I think of all sorts of things I want to do, and I think I really want to start pursuing it. But…I would like to create one.

I hope you all are having a great weekend. So far it’s been pretty good. I saw my dear other crippled friend, I got my hair done, was able to go out to the movies with some friends of ours, relaxing time with the hubs, and will be going to a fun family dinner tonight. I love weekends like this.

Much love to you!

♥ xoxo ♥