Yes. It is Saturday. But when I heard that yesterday was a Bloggers day of Silence for Japan, I felt maybe it would be a good chance to take a break from the computer. I know not blogging isn’t going to magically help Japan and I am planning on doing some donations, but I still felt that I needed to stay away.

This week has been very emotional for me so this post may seem more gloomy then usual, but indeed I AM human and do have the downer days. In my case, a week. So my confession for this week is…….

♥ Being on steroids have been horrible. It has made me into the biggest bear and I can’t help it.
♥ I’m not on them anymore thank goodness.
♥ I just got an MRI yesterday to tell me what the heck is going on with my foot/ankle.
♥ It’s really starting to wear on me having to be so dependent on other people.
♥ I won’t lie. I have been feeling like a HUGE burden on others.
♥ Cracking jokes about my ankle is cutting it anymore.
♥ Because of my struggles, I have been getting more creative artistically.
♥ That’s my favorite way to “escape”.
♥  Focusing on my shop has helped me do what I can to stay positive.
♥  Luckily I have awesome kids that will allow me to to draw and paint all day.

I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend. I’ll be posting more often soon. I feel bad I’ve only been posting twice a week, but it’s been crazy hectic with going to doctor’s all the time and having to work late.  And I’ll even post some sneak peaks of some art going in my shop. 🙂

Also for further shop and art information, please go to for updates!

♥ xoxo ♥