Ok, so a day late, but yesterday I really needed a break from my computer so I figured that I would delay this until today………so here goes!

I love birthdays. I love getting creative and figuring out different ideas and themes on what I want to do. Like I already have my birthday theme planned for this year and it’s not even until November. But I’m excited anyway and figured the earlier I start, the more prepared I’ll be. So in honor of birthdays, I found some things that I feel would be delightful to have!

I love this party dress and would totally plan the entire party just around it! (source)

And of course I would have owl cookies. How silly of you to ask. (source)

Invitations? Set! (source)

And I think that cute straws need to be included as well! (source)

I know this is a beautiful print, but how fun would it be to have a birthday floating in a hot air balloon! (source)

Seeing all of these things are making me excited for our next big birthday! Even though we have to wait until October for it, but at least it will give me that much more time to explore my options!

What kind of birthday themes would you have?