Living in the mountains has helped me appreciate the wildlife out here. I mean, I have ALWAYS loved it, but being able to watch deer walk across my yard has made me fall in love with them even more. (Even though they eat my plants!!)

So here is a special edition to celebrate my love for them…..

This is SUCH a cute postcard. I seriously can’t wait for her to start making the actual animals again. I know the second they come out, I’m getting one. (source)

Seriously, I want these for my daughters room.    (source)

I love love LOVE this!! (source)

I think this is a GREAT way to save vintage children’s books that are falling a part.  (source)

I want a bambi……..  (source)

Deer will also be a great inspiration for future art work I’ll be doing. And I’m hoping that more deer come in my yard when I’m there so I can take pictures of them roaming.

I’m also hoping that they poop more in my neighbors yard then mine because I’m really not looking forward to the spring clean up here…… 😉



♥ xoxo ♥