I’m not going to lie.

Today was rough. I can’t pinpoint exactly what made it so rough, but I know that I was a tad on the emotional side. So I figured, I need to find colors that are happy and bring my mood up.

The happiest  color I can think of?



I LOVE headbands. And I LOVE the color combo on this! (source)



I can’t believe the things you can do with soap these days! And this is something I would LOVE to add to my bathroom!  (source)



I REALLY love this print (source)



I would totally wear these and am actually tempted to get them! (source)



I want a whole set of these. (source)


After looking at all of these, maybe I’ll crack down and end up buying something. I mean, I AM a girl and shopping does happen to help my moods tremendously. 😉



♥ xoxo ♥