Oh Friday, how I have longed for you. Even though I’ve been working from home this week, I still get excited for this day. Well, it’s confession time!

  • I am having SEVERE cabin fever. The only time I’ve been out of my house these past 2 weeks were to go to the doctor’s.

  • I’m actually seeing the ballet tomorrow so this will help with my cabin fever.

  • I’m seeing Sleeping Beauty.

  • I will be jealous seeing everyone be able to walk normal since I’m still in crutches.

  • And I’ll be jealous people get to wear regular shoes.

  • I miss my shoes.

  • And I’m actually missing my bed. *gasp*

  • My couch is the most COMFORTABLE couch in the world so it’s big of me to say that.

  • I’ve been enjoying not having to get dinner every night. (yay gimpy!)

  • I’m actually looking forward to get back to my regular routine.

  • My hands are hurting using my crutches so much.

I feel like I could go on with my randomness, but I will need stuff for next week. 🙂

I’ll be blogging about my wonderful time at the ballet tomorrow which will be VERY exciting.  And I have a few days off next week and have plans for things I’ve been dying to do.

Stay tuned!