I am getting spring fever bad.  I am excited to wear dresses without freezing. The thought of wearing sandals just makes me crave them even more. But I’m also the type of girl who will still wear her boots in summer simply because they are my favorite type of shoe.  In fact I’m already starting to buy some dresses to get me out of these winter blues. (Normally I’m ok with winter, but this year I’m not and need a pick me up bad.)

My lovely new dress I’m getting that I’ll be wearing with a cute cardi…. (source)


paired with these……


Which I got on sale! (source)


This has made things a lot better for me to cope with winter. 😉

But there are some other things that I’ve been eyeing that has been making me just as happy……


1. Yellow, Gorgeous! Dress $99.00

2. Singing Telegram Dress $52.99

3. Tea Leaves Dress $64.99

4. City of lights dress $312.99

5. Phosphorensence Dress $57.99

6. Double Date Dress $64.99


1. Kid Sister Heel $62.99

2. Bold Endeavors in Risk $174.99

3. Tranquil Nights Heel $39.99

4. Re-boot Your Style $79.99

5. Good Morning Sunshine Wedges $131.99

6. Lily-ped Sandal $27.99


Please Spring hurry and come. I miss you so so much.


♥ xoxo ♥