Ok. I know it’s Wednesday. But I have good reason why I didn’t post yesterday. Monday I took a tumble down a flight of stairs (that’s right, I did a complete 360) and tore  ligaments in my foot.  So Monday night and Tuesday I was on meds that would make me happy and forget that I’m in so much pain head to toe. Granted I am still in pain now, but I am coherent enough that I can actually post. 🙂 (yay!)

Here are some things I found “monkeying” around……

An adorable newborn hat (source)

A classic game (source)

A delicious treat! (source)

Cute little coin purse (source)

Fun little monkey dress! (source)

I love finding fun things on there. It’s bad too because there are also so many things I want to buy. 😉 I also really enjoy seeing how creative people get and how they put their creativity into so many wonderful things!

Hope you have a great week!