Well ya no, it’s not Tuesday, but yesterday I was dealing with stabbing headaches and pretty severe allergies so really getting this done yesterday really wasn’t an option.

I obviously LOVE art and want to cover my entire house with all types of art. I feel that it truly brings out the soul in people and is a great outlet.

I have found some that I am really wanting to buy…….

I absolutely LOVE this! (source)

I just love the colors! (source)

I really love how whimsical this is. (source)

Such a pretty flower. (source)

I think this is so adorable. (source)

Seeing all of this gives me great inspiration on my own work.  Even though I have the capabilities of doing things like this, I still love having original artwork from other artists.  And now that it’s tax time, (yay!) I’m thinking of getting some of these to hang in my poor naked house.

If you know of some great artists,  let me know. My favorite kind are usually whimsical, children type prints, but I am open to all.

I’m so excited! I feel like I’m getting into my groove again. 🙂