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I love these.

I have color all over my hands now and I’m ok with that.

I love being able to create.

After all,

Art is the only way to run away without leaving home.
-Twyla Tharp


♥ xoxo ♥


And it’s confessional time again! It seriously feels like this week has flown by. But of course it feels like this almost every week.

And I confess………

  • I am still pretty much glued to the couch.

  • I just found out today that I pulled nerves in my foot which is another reason for the pain. (Gross.)

  • I had a little emotional moment this week and broke into a bag of peanut butter chocolate chips. Best decision I have made.

  • I decided to get my butt in gear and open an Etsy shop.

  • I am SO excited and so nervous at the same time.

  • I am going to be spending my entire weekend getting my art set up.

  • Have I told you how nervous  I am?

  • I will be setting up a blog specifically for my art as well.

  • I will be doing multiple mediums and styles for my shop.

  • I am hoping to get my shop set up in the next month.

  • My family is my inspiration for the names I’ll be using for my pieces.

  • When I open my shop I will be doing a giveaway! (Eeep!)

  • Some things I’ll have in my shop are portraits, children’s prints, Custom name pictures, custom pillowcases, fabric pictures…….and more…. 😉

It’s going to be super crazy, but stay tuned. I’m very excited to get things started and will be sharing a few sneak peeks this weekend!!!

Have a great night!


♥ xoxo ♥

These past 3 weeks have been a big struggle for me. I’m very independent and when I have to rely so heavily on others, it can take a toll on me. Not only that, I still have severe cabin fever and I’m getting tired of constantly having to lay on the couch to elevate my foot.

I want my life back.

But, I have to say that Rylie sure has loved me being home. She hardly leaves my side. No matter where I am at she will find a way to snuggle in with me. You know, I LOVE it. I miss snuggling babies and when kids get older, they aren’t as interested in snuggling with you. Rylie on the other hand loves every minute of it and makes sure that wherever I go, she is right there. (I mean it literally….bathroom, shower, kitchen…..EVERYWHERE.)

I don’t care. Because she loves me.

♥ xoxo ♥

I’m not going to lie.

Today was rough. I can’t pinpoint exactly what made it so rough, but I know that I was a tad on the emotional side. So I figured, I need to find colors that are happy and bring my mood up.

The happiest  color I can think of?



I LOVE headbands. And I LOVE the color combo on this! (source)



I can’t believe the things you can do with soap these days! And this is something I would LOVE to add to my bathroom!  (source)



I REALLY love this print (source)



I would totally wear these and am actually tempted to get them! (source)



I want a whole set of these. (source)


After looking at all of these, maybe I’ll crack down and end up buying something. I mean, I AM a girl and shopping does happen to help my moods tremendously. 😉



♥ xoxo ♥

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Art is the only way to run away without leaving home. -Twyla Tharp