I LOVE my friends.

And when you finally meet that great friend, you feel this sort of completeness in your life. And it’s really hard to find that great friend. Because sometimes you come across people you think are your friends and really, they aren’t. It’s like they are always mad at you and you don’t know why or you feel like you are constantly offending them. Sometimes they have motives, or just like the “thought” of having friends, but don’t understand the true concept of being a friend.

Friendship is SO important to me. It’s like having these sisters that are not biological, but still have the same closeness of what a sister relationship should be.  And recently I have discovered new people in my life that make me wonder what took so long to find them.

But the ones I’m sharing tonight I have known and have such a love and appreciation for them. And these are the only ones that I have pictures for now. (The rest of you, send me some. You know who you are………)

Say what you want, but he loves me despite what mood I am in. He makes it all better.


Emily & Phil. I just met them, but instantly feel a part of them.

Lisa, Char & Harry Potter.They know how to rock it. And are amongst the sweetest.


And Char again. But I really wanted to share this pic since it’s one of my most favorites. She is so incredibly special to me.  She is so genuine and makes me feel like I have all the worth a human could possibly have. I adore her and would do anything for this woman. Words can’t express how real and amazing she is.


And the others I met…….Mandy, Jenny, Angie, Jess, & Sherrie………You are such WONDERFUL ladies!!!! I’m SO thankful that I FINALLY got to meet you.

I feel blessed to have such amazing people in my life.