Today was the job shadow and I have to say, I really enjoyed it. She was such a joy to work with in person and incredibly smart! I have to say, I was pretty impressed.

So to start off, I wanted to do something to welcome her and decided a gift bag would be great! Bree helped get things since I couldn’t go to the store and she had to get stuff for her kid as well. Here is the bag…..

It was full of candy, glow sticks, pens, and a cute little puppy.

I also wanted to make her a cute little card to go along with it. Here is the card.

I had to cut some of it off to not show her real name. She really loved
it though!!

First we went into the auditorium to meet our mentee’s. (Ha ha, I love 30 Rock) Then after the introductions we had the option of taking a tour or just go back to our desks. Penn decided that she just wanted to go to my desk. I was so excited to give her her bag. And she was pretty excited to get it. 🙂  She was so cute, she put some chocolate on my desk to give me. Awwwwww…..

We had to sit there for an hour asking questions and showing her about my job so she could understand the job field. I loved getting to know her. She has such a great understanding on life for being 10. And I can tell that her parents are really teaching her the ways of life as well. Just last week she had the opportunity to help out in the Soup Kitchen!

My job didn’t really have anything to do with her careers she had in mind, but I did the best I could to give pointers and any advice to help with future decisions. She has SUCH a love for animals and think that she would make a great veterinarian. My job really isn’t very exciting and I kept apologizing to her that it wasn’t. But I did let her know that helping in the health care industry is a VERY good thing to have under your belt. Knowing that you have job security is pretty comforting. I could tell that she was having a good time telling me all of her stories and I was entertained listening to her. (I did emphasize the whole college issue with her. I wanted her to know how important it was to get an education since not everyone has the opportunity to do so.)

Finally, lunch time. It was sad that we were coming to an end. I was enjoying this mentoring! And they HAD to serve pizza. I was bummed because it smelled SO GOOD. I ended up eating just the toppings so I could have SOMETHING. (I was starving!) While they were closing the presentation, she told me, “When I saw you walk in, I was hoping I would get you.” (awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

We got our pictures taken and said our goodbyes. It was sad seeing them leave, but still thankful that I was able to have this opportunity of mentoring. I hope that she takes the things she learned today and be able to squeeze it in her life.

It was fun. And I would definitely do it again. They did send me a picture of us taken together and I love it. Turned out super cute!

I also will have a little remembrance of this day as well. I accidentally cut my hand on the table as we were eating. (It was sharp!) And decided to turn it into something fun.


This is a good way to end a Friday.