Yay it’s that time again!!!

Some guilty pleasures and more are……..

  • My favorite lunch that I had this week was a bowl full of whip cream with maraschino cherries mixed in. My husband did witness this and his jaw dropped when he saw what I was doing. I loved every bite and it was gone in SECONDS.

  • I’m a little bit of a germaphobe.  Not really a “guilty pleasure”, but still something random to post. I am constantly washing my hands and putting lotion on. I can’t help it. The stupidest things freak me out.

  • Just like my SIL, I am a blog stalker. I love seeing into others lives and getting home ideas for myself. (My house is still pretty naked.)

  • My Beatles obsession is a LOT more then what I lead on here.  I have TONS of little collectibles. More than what my husband knows about. When he finds out, I am SO getting the “look”. (Maybe more…..hmmm…maybe I should just secretly stash them…..)

  • One of my all time favorite snacks is Jalapeno cheetos while eating Beef Jerky at the same time.

  • I have always wanted to go to a Ballet and I FINALLY get the chance to see Sleeping Beauty next month.

  • I LOVE scrapbook paper. I can’t scrapbook for the life of me, but I LOVE using the paper for other projects.  Like this….

  • I have an obsession with pens. Especially if they are colorful, glittery, smell good type of pens. I have more then I can count.

  • And speaking of glitter, I am obsessed! I love ANYTHING sparkly and feel that my life would not be complete without glitter involved.