It seriously felt like this day took forever to get here. I’ve been seeing SO many things that I’ve been in love with and here are some that I find adorable…….

I love new babies, hats and owls…… cute… (source)

I about died when I saw this. Absolutely beautiful! (source)

And for the cat lover…(source)

I love love her stuff! Her Etsy store is currently on hold due to just having a baby, but you can still find it here. Also here is her blog. I highly recommend watching for  her stuff. She is very talented and these are definitely too cute to pass up!

I love miniature figurines and this is something I would totally buy and have to hide from my daughter. (source)

I could probably list 10 pages of all the fun things I find, but I know that I have a husband sitting next to me who is ancy for me to get off the computer so for now………….