Regardless of it actually being Saturday, (per previous post, someone needed my attention.) 🙂

So for this week, here is my confessional:

  • Sometimes I feel that I was born in the wrong decade.

  • Even though I can’t eat gluten, I will stop people who have cake or bread just so I can smell the food and remember. (Yes I get weird looks. So what.)

  • I’ve come to terms that my mom and Aunt’s style has rubbed off on me even though I didn’t want to admit it before. (Hence Vintage)

  • I drink more Diet Coke then water. (oops)

  • I am in LOVE with British Comedies. Keeping up Appearances is my favorite!

  • I wish that I could speak with a British accent.

  • I am terrified of the dark.

  • I cry every time one of my kids go into a new grade

  • The older I’m getting, the girlier I am.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!