So this is me last year…..

and this is me now……

Besides the obvious haircut and weight gain (yay no more throwing up!!) I can tell that I’ve changed a lot emotionally. I can tell in ways that I’m stronger, more confident, and giving myself credit where it is due. I can tell that I’m more assertive knowing what I want and actually going for it.  Maybe it’s because I’m married to someone who is one of the most assertive people I know and it’s rubbing off on me. Not sure, but I know that I like it!

I still have moments of weakness where I feel that what I do isn’t good enough, but then I take a look at my life and see the things that I’ve done or have been able to change. And this is just in a YEARS time.

I won’t lie. In so many ways it has been a very tough year. But I made it. I’m still here and I’m really liking the things that I have been able to accomplish. It may not seem much to some, but to me it really is.

If you think you haven’t changed in a years time, your wrong.  In some way you have done something that you may not have given yourself credit for.  And if you don’t give yourself credit, then your missing the whole point on this topic.