I am in love with Etsy.

And if you have never been on that site, you must get started because you will find the most wonderful and creative things.

And secretly I’m hoping that one day I can get a shop set up.

So for now I will start doing a little segment every week showing you 5 things I love. Why pick Tuesdays? Because you need something fun to look at to recover from Monday!

I love everything about this. The coat is adorable and the photo itself I would hang up on my wall. (source)

Didn’t realize that a dandelion could be so beautiful. (source)

I’m loving these bowls…….. (source)

I really LOVE this shelf and wish that someone would stop being so anti-blue. I think it would look great in our house! (source)

I love this. I love Satin. I love sequins. And I just love anything shiny. (source)

I hope you have a great rest of the week!!