Why am I doing this challenge?

At first I was doing it because I loved the idea from my cousin and thought it would be fun for ME.

It seems that it’s been making me think about certain things I normally have brushed off.

Like….my purse.

I always tell myself that I need to clean it and keep it tidy, but with kids on the go….it’s my storage for EVERYTHING.

Me.  I am super hard on myself and tend to brush my capabilities aside. I need to stop doing that because I know I have potential. And I need to learn to be more accepting of myself.

My goals. They can be accomplished. I just need to schedule my time better and work on those goals so I FEEL better.

Also this challenge keeps reminding me of  people in my life.

My friends. They are amazing. I’m so thankful for them.

They deserve recognition on here because they are simply beautiful.

And  I have to say is this challenge has been giving me more ideas which I LOVE. My head has all sorts of things it’s wanting me to do!

I may be involving my SIL in these ideas I have flowing because she has my favorite style and is full of creativity.

I have to say. I am really excited.

I really adore this woman.