Ok. I KNOW it’s not Friday. But I was so sidetracked yesterday that I didn’t get a chance to write this.

And here we go….. (Pretend its Friday.)

  • As much as I would love to have one more baby, I want a puppy more.

  • Yesterday I had 2 Diet Coke’s for breakfast and I don’t regret it.

  • My favorite concert I’ve ever been to was KISS.

  • I actually feel better having SOME weight on me. I used to be a size 0 and that made me feel like I was a little girl. Even though I was in my 20’s.

  • One of the reasons’ I was a size 0 is because I was throwing up every day for a year not knowing I had Celiacs.

  • I feel that my SIL is my “designer” mentor. This is why I’m always asking permission on things I should do before doing it. (I don’t trust myself)

  • I have been drawing my entire life with VERY little classes. I taught myself.

  • I could spend an entire week in Disneyland and not get sick of it.

  • I love the smell of my husband and he “catches” me sniffing him. Then gives me the “look”.