What makes me different? My pure awesomeness and ninja skills.

I guess in all seriousness there are times I find it difficult to see the things that make me “different”. But since today is a better day , I’m willing to write down the things I feel make me different……


  • I’m genuine. When I say something to you, I mean it. I’m very passionate about people and the things I say. I really despise being fake.
  • I have a big heart. I do what I can to make people happy. I feel that everyone deserves to be happy no matter how much of a jerk they can be.
  • I’m the same person no matter who I’m around. Most people change depending on their situation or who they are around. Not me. I may seem shyer in certain situations, but I won’t change ME. I like to keep it real.
  • I am strong. I used to be timid and never speak my mind, but I’m not like that anymore.  If you are being a jerk to me, I WILL tell you. Not a lot of people will do that. Instead they are too busy plotting behind your back to get revenge. I actually like to work things out.
  • I am very understanding. People come to me to talk because they know I won’t make them feel belittled when venting to me. Their coming to me because they trust in telling me their feelings. I have the capabilities to understand that people feel certain ways because that’s their way of dealing with things. I will not push them to feel any different.
  • I don’t sweat the small stuff. I know things happen. And it’s ok.
  • I’m not afraid to show my dorky side. I’m a little too dorky, but hey…..it’s all good…..it’s all good.
  • I’m a good mix of being feminine……..and not so feminine. Yes, there are times I like the chic flicks. But I also grew up on the “guy” movies. I can be laid back and not nag. I was a major tomboy growing up.

Even though this is all I can think of at that moment, I’m pretty proud of myself that I did it this far. And even though it’s taken me an HOUR to write this, at least it’s DONE! I think I deserve a treat now……………..