This 30 day thing is harder than I thought. Especially since I had a day off work yesterday you would think that I would get this done first thing.

Nope. Kids went to school and I thought I would have a heyday cleaning! That’s right. I’m at the ripe age where having a day off gets me giddy to clean. I find it funny and sad……

Anyways, here we go to making up yesterdays……

I’m sure that I have a lot of nicknames from other people, but the main two that I have are first, the obvious…….AMBERFACE. I’ve already been into detail why I have this name, but if you would like a refresher you can go here……..

My 2nd nickname I find funny. But my family sometimes calls me Ambien. Partially because Half of my name is in there anyway, and the other half I actually had to go on Ambien for a while and apparently, I was the character. Luckily I wasn’t to the extreme of sleepwalking, or eating in the middle of the night……just should have known once I would take one to NOT take any phone calls. I don’t remember one single conversation I’ve EVER had on Ambien. Or really anything I’ve done at all. Unfortunately my sister beats me with awesome stories with her being on Ambien. Late night trips to the stores to buy junk food, making popcorn and eating in bed creating a HUGE mess…..all sorts of things.

Maybe with how crazy my life has been, I’ll need to get back on it. Then I will be able to create some wonderful memories for my husband to always remember.