In ways this will tie into my last post. Traveling is very high on my list of things I want to plan towards, but for now will start with the small stuff.


My big plans now are to redecorate my house.  (And clean EVERYTHING). We have been in our house for a year and feel like I have not been able to do the things I’ve wanted to do. Mainly because it was our first year of marriage and also we were trying to figure out how to all live with each other. Getting married with kids from the start does present some challenges. (All worth it though.)

I’m trying to add more color and decorations. Our house still seems so naked and really, we don’t have much up.  I’ve been getting a lot of advice from my SIL on things to add and now it’s really starting to hit me how much I want to revamp our house.  I’m constantly looking at Crate and Barrel and Pottery Barn for ideas on how to redo our house. As I’ve stated numerous of times before, I love anything vintage so that will definitely play in the picture as well.

The first two things I’ve started buying things for decorating is Rylie’s room and our bathroom. (Weird combo, I know.) But I have found things that just shouted to BUY IT NOW so I couldn’t pass them up. Rylie’s room I officially decided that I’m going to do it in an owl theme.


Similar to this……She does have a brown bed which I’m planning to paint white.

I’ve only purchased two things so far, (a little pricey) but am planning to do some artwork for her walls as well.

I got her this…….

And the green owl which I got here

For the bathroom I want to do a vintage Parisian theme.  And the only thing I really got so far was a vase with Flowers and this sweet Eiffel Tower picture.


My dreams:

My dream is for us to have this year be healthier than the previous years. I’m including my SIL and in-laws as well in this.) It seems someone is constantly sick and it’s very tiring. It hasn’t always just been a little cold or sniffles here and there. It’s been stuff that really takes you down. Like when I first was diagnoses with Celiacs. I was pretty much green I was always sick. Then kids with croup, severe kidney infections, MS, Crohn’s disease……’s very tiring that we can’t just be healthy for more than a month it seems.

(Don’t let me down 20011!!)

And finally…….

My Goals:

  • Take the kids to Disneyland within 2 years.
  • Travel to Europe on our 5 year anniversary. (Mainly Paris, Rome, and Venice.)
  • Progress in my art (Maybe start my won business…I don’t know.)
  • Take some design classes.
  • Take a photography class.
  • Take some sewing classes.
  • MAYBE have one more baby.

These are things I want to accomplish under the next 5 years. This shouldn’t be too hard should it?