Since yesterday was New Years, I was pretty busy and didn’t have a chance to write. So here I am trying to think of who I would want to switch lives with for a day. And this is going to probably sound weird, but I think I would switch lives with my SIL Melissa. But pre-married. I like being with my husband and it would be incredibly awkward since we are both married now.


The reason I say pre-married is more of the travel factor. I LOVE to travel. And unfortunately I haven’t been able to do much of it. When I was married before I was never able to go anywhere because a certain person who will not be named wanted to blow our money on other things instead.  The only traveling I did was for business trips. But even with this marriage we aren’t able to do much with having little kids. But at least I have done more traveling with him than before and I’m loving it.


Anyway back to what I was saying, My SIL has been everywhere. Italy, Norway, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Canada, New York, and Boston.(And more….)  All the places I would LOVE to go. (And there are more places I would love to visit, but you get the point.



In Norway





Granted I know it’s taken her more than one day to go to all of these places, but I would still love to be her one of the days she was able to visit these spectacular sites.

The good thing though is we want to plan a couple’s trip to France and Italy so at least with her going to these places, she can be our tour guide. 🙂




(Sorry Melissa totally borrowed some of your pics.) 🙂