My SIL does this on her blog and said that I should do it to…… so here goes!

  • I have a life size cardboard cutout of Han Solo at work that I push out in the aisle to scare people.
  • It took me 3 hours to get home from work the other day because of the snow blizzard we had and was convinced I was going to die on the road.
  • I feel like I’m missing everything in the world if I’m not constantly checking Twitter.
  • I prefer to sleep on my couch instead of my bed because it’s the most comfortable couch in the world.
  • I haven’t played W.O.W in 15 days and I’m having severe withdrawals.
  • I could eat bacon with every single meal.
  • I am better at housecleaning at night than in the morning.
  • I can name off useless facts about celebrities that no one really cares about.

Until next time!!