Eek. This is kind of an ugly one.  But again I kind of like the idea of this because I know the person this would be towards doesn’t ever read my blog, nor are we friends on FB, twitter, anything.  So I guess that I could let it fly. I’m not really a harsh person and tend to be overly friendly and do what I can to prevent hurt feelings. I can tell though as I get older that I’m getting more vocal about things. (I actually kinda like it. No more walking all over me! *shakes fist*)

To me it’s not worth writing this long letter to this certain person as I am doing what I can to forget the whole issue. But since this 30 day challenge likes to dig up old dirt and hurt feelings, I shall humor you…………..

Dear  he/she who shall not be named,

I feel sorry for you. I feel sorry that you feel the need to act childish about such an issue and let it poison you every day. It’s too bad that instead of being adults and working things out like true friends do, you chose the different route to be 12 again. I feel sorry that you have such a twisted perspective of the whole issue instead of hearing the truth that you feel the urge to project your anger on all those around you. I truly adored you and gave my friendship to you. I’m also sorry that you don’t get to have this friendship anymore because I know that I have such unconditional, genuine love for my friends and loved ones. You don’t get to have that anymore. Instead you will continue your search to find some acceptance from someone that you will end up rejecting anyway because of your severe insecurities.

I do hope one day that you will find happiness because everyone does deserve to have something dear in their life to hold on to.

I hope that you will eventually move on and stop trying to torture those around you to further yourself. It won’t work.

After I finish this letter I will continue to do what I can to forget because you are not worth remembering the hurt that you have given.

I am going to move on.

You should do the same.