The first time I’ve ever heard of a blog I was obviously confused. I found out about it from my friend Erica. She’s been doing it forever and after reading hers I decided that I wanted to do one as well. At first I was doing it to have family read and be able to keep up. Then I decided that I’m actually doing it for myself. I don’t really care if I get as many “hits” as other blogs. I enjoy typing random things and posting pictures. I mean, it is fun to have people you don’t know write you and possibly get to know them more, but again……….I’m still doing this for me.

I admit I am a blog stalker. (Watch out!)  It’s fun to get ideas from people and turn them into your own. I was REALLY into it when I first started.  Then after my last post, I just got so sidetracked that I felt I NEVER had time to write.  I was constantly sick,


stresses of my job,


& dating.

I used these as excuses to quit writing.  Now things feel more steady and I have felt inspired (and pushed by dear friends) to start writing again. And I think I am liking it more now than I did before.