Well…….didn’t realize that I was 4 days behind in writing, but I’ve been super sick this week so writing wasn’t exactly an option. But with Christmas over I say it’s a good thing. Now I can focus on what I want to say instead of getting distracted by cute squeals in the background regarding Santa Claus.

This goal is great to think of after Christmas. Sitting here looking at opened presents, wrapping paper all over still, and Christmas snacks makes me think of more about the MAIN goal I really want to do.

Clean. I know……lame. But cleaning after MY 3 kids is such a huge task that cleaning is the most obvious goal I can think of. But really, not just cleaning……………..organizing.  Now that the kids have these fun new toys, I need to make way with the old and in with the new.  I know that they won’t really care much about how I do it, but I think it will be a great goal to see how creative I can get with this.

I know cleaning is a daily task and may not seem like a short term goal, but I think it’s more of the after-Christmas-cleaning-and-organizing. If I can get everything done the way I want it within a month, to me this will be my biggest accomplishment. It’s really hard for me to get in the groove when I have to work full time and can’t put my entire focus on the other things I want to do.

First I’ll be focusing on Rylie’s room. She got this really cute Kitchen set from Grandma and Grandpa  and I would love create her room into something fantastic to revolve around this area. My problem? Too many ideas and can’t pick which one I want to stick with. I do know that I love vintage styles and she loves purple.

Some ideas that I love are……

Except with more purple in the mix….

I really do love the whole bistro idea

Which I found here

With these

(We may have a winner. I do love me some Owls…..)