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And thank goodness. It was fun, but the stress is enough to put you in a sugar coma. And I know that I’m totally last minute with wrapping the gifts, but I have to say, when it was all done…….I was pleased.



The little one’s had a wonderful morning.



After spending the morning at home we went over to Grandma and Grandpa’s for Christmas dinner and more presents.



It was a good day.

This is easy.  I love music. I mean, who doesn’t right?  If you don’t, then I feel sorry for you because music is SUCH a wonderful thing to have in your life.


I do listen to a lot of music depending on my mood, but really…….there is one band that I could listen to for all…………



I decided to dedicate this to my Sil.



I’m always proud of her. Not just these last few days, but always.  She has been my inspiration on multiple levels.  She is my favorite designer and is always coming up with these fabulous ideas on decorating. This is why I told her that I want her to decorate my house. 😉

Not only is she always making me laugh, feel accepted, help me feel my worth, give me great ideas……..


But she has been through some things that make her even a greater inspiration to me.  This year she was diagnosed with MS. Just shortly after she got married. It was pretty devastating to hear this especially since she is still so young, but as a family we have been able to pull through for her and show her our support.  I know that this has affected her greatly in many areas emotionally, but to me I think she handles it very gracefully.


I’m very proud of her for all the accomplishments she has done. And that she continues to find the little things to make her happy.

I’m also very proud to call her my sister in law.

(eh, she’s more like an actual sister)


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