I have been really sick so couldn’t do my challenge yesterday. I do have some strength today, (and I’m bored from lying on the couch all day) so I decided that I would write today.

Picking my favorite super hero was really easy for me. Especially since he has been my favorite since I was little. I’ve always had a thing for……………


He is the only DC character I like. I find everything about him fascinating. His background, how he became batman, the storylines…….Derek and I were having this discussion the other day about children and super heroes. He was saying that statistics show that children who are happier and healthier like Spiderman. Children who are darker, not has happy or healthy like Batman. Which in a lot of ways made sense to me. I did have a difficult upbringing. I know there are people out there who have been through a lot more than I, but still…….it was rough enough for me.  And maybe that’s true why I like Batman so much. Maybe I feel that there is this connection. That we have something in common and it’s easier for me to relate to him………Or maybe it’s just because I really like him and he’s the one that I watched or read the most growing up.

I think I’ll just stick with that.