So I know just about everyone has been to this place. And it may seem sort of cliché that I picked Disneyland, but the last time I went gave me reasons to fall in love with them even more.

I am a huge Disney fanatic. Have been my entire life. But last year, things happened that really made me appreciate them on so many different levels. It may not seem like a big deal to some people, but to me, it meant everything.

For our Honeymoon we wanted to go to Disneyland around Christmastime. I’ve always wanted to and I’ve hear such wonderful things about going during that season. It was a year before that I was officially diagnosed with Celiac’s and was nervous about trying to figure out the things I could and could not eat. I didn’t really do much digging around before we got there because I knew there were chain restaurants around that had gluten free menus.

Luckily I brought my laptop with me. At the hotel we started digging around if Disneyland had ANY gluten free items. If not then we would be taking lots of trips out which is not something I wanted to do. We found a few websites that did say they did have items and to call them to see what places served them. I was able to find the head chef’s phone number and thought I would give it a try. I knew that he would be really busy, but I was hopeful.

He called me back 5 minutes later. I seriously was bouncing out of my seat. He was SO kind about the whole situation too. He took the time to explain to me about the places to go, where to find the paper that had everything listed gluten free, gave me ideas……seriously, I was in heaven. I almost cried. (Well, maybe a tear came out) I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I was he called me. What really got me was that they served gluten free pizza. (PIZZA!) And… was delicious!

Not only was I able to actually eat food there and not feel totally rejected from the food world, but I was able to go with my best friend. (Queue the groans.)


Best. Time. Ever.