I didn’t get a chance to write this the other days so now I have to make up for it. 🙂


This wasn’t a difficult decision for me to pick the name for my blog. I knew when I started it that it was kind of obvious. I’m not very good doing something ultra creative and I knew that I wanted it to be something personal and meaningful. So I picked the name that has a lot of meaning for me.

Really, it boils down to Derek. He called me this from the beginning. And I really liked it.  I’ve never been one that really liked pet names.  Most have felt awkward hearing and I would tend to get embarrassed. But this I was ok with and pretty much took it over. This is my twitter name, email, blog…..and even my best friends will call me this.

So even though it’s just another name to most people that read this, it’s much more to me.


It even was put on my proposal card.  🙂