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Ugh. This is tough. Because I know that I have a lot of habits that I can’t stand, but I know that I’m harder on myself. But who isn’t. We are our own worst critic.

I had a really hard time trying to pick the exact habit I struggle with the most. Mainly because I’m so negative about everything towards myself that it all just seems equally as bad.  So I asked Derek. I could see in his eyes that he didn’t want to answer. Eek. I was kinda afraid what he was going to say. After some convincing he said it’s me always being online, texting, twittering, facebooking, blogging…..whatever.  Yes.  He got me. This really is my worst habit. I have become so addicted to all these things, I can’t just sit there anymore.  Even when I’m playing W.O.W I’m constantly checking twitter. I must know what’s going on with my friends or if they’ve written me. And now that I have this Android phone that makes everything available at my fingertips, it’s so easy for me to stay sucked in.

Well, now that I have officially been busted, time for me to put my addiction away for the night. This is really tough. I always feel like I’m missing out on something if I’m not constantly checking. Either way, I know I’ll survive.



I love my friends.  They always know the right things to say to make everything better.  And for some reason, I actually don’t have a lot of pictures with them. Which surprises me.  So until I get them, here are some that I treasure greatly.

From left to right, Jeff, Melissa, and Derek. (Well, then me. ) Now I know they are family, (One is husband), but still, we are pretty much always together and I treasure all the moments we have together. This is us at the Kiss Concert and it was seriously amazing. Everything about it. The atmosphere, being with my favorite people……… It made the night one I’ll treasure forever.  But really, I  probably feel like this every time we get together.



And there’s Bree. She cracks me up like crazy and is a very giving person. It’s actually pretty refreshing to be friends with someone that will call your crap if you do something and vice versa without being offended.  Its difficult meeting people like that. Or if you have a disagreement they don’t want to work things out and write you off forever. When we started being friends, I made it very clear that I’m  not playing those games. I’m tired of friendships where people are too lazy to put in any actual effort.


It’s like any relationship. They don’t come flawlessly. You have to make an effort if you are truly going to make it work.

And my other friends……..Jeff, Erica, other Jeff, Jen, Heather, Jenny…..and others………..

I love you.


I didn’t get a chance to write this the other days so now I have to make up for it. 🙂


This wasn’t a difficult decision for me to pick the name for my blog. I knew when I started it that it was kind of obvious. I’m not very good doing something ultra creative and I knew that I wanted it to be something personal and meaningful. So I picked the name that has a lot of meaning for me.

Really, it boils down to Derek. He called me this from the beginning. And I really liked it.  I’ve never been one that really liked pet names.  Most have felt awkward hearing and I would tend to get embarrassed. But this I was ok with and pretty much took it over. This is my twitter name, email, blog…..and even my best friends will call me this.

So even though it’s just another name to most people that read this, it’s much more to me.


It even was put on my proposal card.  🙂

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