Yesterday I had my mom come over to help make some yummy Christmas treats.  I didn’t get to make any Christmas goodies last year and thought that I really need to get into it this year before it’s too late. A big part was to help get into the Christmas spirit. (I don’t know why, but I’m having a tough time getting into it this year.) But the big reason is because I wanted to spend time with my mother and make memories.  She is all that I have left and I’m feeling that I really need to grasp what I have left.

We decided to make English Toffee, Peanut Brittle, Snowflake mints, Chocolate covered Pretzels, Fudge, and chocolate covered peanut butter Ritz crackers.  (And drooling starts nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnow)

My mom brought over these cute vintage containers to store the candies in. The best part was that I got to keep all of them. (I’m such a vintage fanatic!)


Our first project was to make snowflake mints. We used these molds for my wedding as well and the mints turned out excellent. I was actually getting  lunch for the kids at this time so my mom decided to make some for herself while I was finishing up. Rylie was completely infatuated with everything and I had to capture this…

I’m not a pro photographer so please bear with me.


My mom was super sweet and actually made some for me as well.  And of course I had to taste test to make sure everything was up to par….



Finally I was able to start on some other things.  Chocolate covered pretzels and peanut butter Ritz. The smell of the melting chocolate was intoxicating. Well, I’m a woman so any chocolate is intoxicating to me. Whatever, don’t judge.








Plus this……………..






This! nomnomnom

My friend Bree came over and I did clearly explain that if she was going to come over, she will be put to work. I was going to have her help with dipping,, but my kids were super excited to see her. So that was good enough for me to have her keep the kids away. They love her so it seemed like a win win for all.

I love baking, but I sure do get exhausted in the end.  I just know that I’m incredibly thankful that I was able to share this with my mom so I have something to cherish. I do know that this has made me less of a grump and more excited for the holidays.  And I’m glad that she had a good time as well.  She makes the best English Toffee ever

This picture could never do the justice that the taste has. Your mouth simply waters by one bite.


She probably was sick of hearing me saying it over and over, but I kept telling her how thankful I was that she came over. (Who am I kidding? Of course she didn’t. J)  But it did mean a lot to me that she came over to teach me her tricks, to spend the time with my family and to share some laughs and venting.  I am truly grateful for her and all that she does for me.  We have been through a lot which has created a special bond.


Until then……………….