Wow……soooooo it’s been a long time since I’ve been on here. I don’t even think I realized how long I’ve neglected this poor blog.  It definitely has been a long time because I am now 30. *Gasp* The age I actually cried 2 weeks over before the big day arrived. Now I’m ok, decided that I can move on with life, and now am trying to figure out where to pick up.

Hmmm…..where to begin. Well, since the last time I wrote, the major things that happened was I was diagnosed with Celiacs, (no gluten for me. Good bye yummy bread……), I got laid off from my job, (devastated me), found another job 2 months later, (Yay!), and then got MARRIED. These are major things that I could have written a novel on each one. But maybe it’s for the better. There are some things that I would really not want to remember so figured, why bring things up again.

But I guess I could vent about one of the biggest obstacles that I deal with every day that I’m still getting used to. This Celiac’s stuff.  THAT was incredibly devastating to me. And it makes total sense and does tie in to my last post of my puking.  See, I was ALWAYS sick. I would throw up every day and never feel well. I thought it was stress because I did have a lot of things going on. But it wasn’t. Finally in 2009 I decided to do the smart thing and see a doctor. Blood work was taken and a week later they called for the results.  What was that Doctor? You found nothing? So I’m making up sticking my head in the John 5 times a day?  Whatever.   I decided to call a G.I doctor myself and see if I could get more answers.  After MORE blood work, I got a call back a week later and said that they found I had Celiac Sprue and needed me to come in for an endoscopy. I was nervous, but didn’t care because I was so freaking tired of puking every day. They discovered that all those little villi you’re supposed to have to help with absorb your food, was gone. Like it was literally flat.  Definitely confirmed I have Celiac’s. I won’t lie.  I was devastated and cried on my husband’s lap for 20 minutes because of all the foods I couldn’t eat anymore. YOU try going 29 years eating a certain way and have that taken away from you. And this stuff is genetic? I seriously don’t know anyone else in my family who has it. Most likely its diagnosed wrong or they just don’t know they have it.

Granted a year later I’m dealing with it ok. I still have my moments, but at least I’m alive and it wasn’t worse.  And I discovered how many restaurants out there have Gluten Free menus. (Um, Outback Steakhouse???? LOVE YOU!!!!)  So now that I’ve discovered what I can still eat, it’s not so bad. Now if dairy get’s taken away from me, I will go postal.

Thunder from Down Under…..Seriously……*DROOL*

Any who, it is almost Christmas time and I’m getting super excited.  And for my favorite geeks out there, Cataclysm!!! Sadly we have not pre-ordered ours and will be getting it later. Hopefully tomorrow. *sad face*