If you have a weak stomach, don’t read this. If you feel sick after this, too bad for you!

So this is the story of my 28th birthday. First off, I can’t believe that I am 28! That seems so weird to me that all of these years have flown by. OK enough small talk. On with the story!
So Derek took me out to Red Lobster for my birthday. I was so excited because come on, it’s Red Lobster. You wouldn’t believe how much I was able to put away. First off  I am 5″2, 110 pounds or whatever, I don’t really know or care, but I’m pretty small and for some reason this night I was able to pack a lot away. I had 3 rolls, 3 cokes, half of an appetizer and 95% of my entire meal. And I wasn’t even sick. Or full. I felt great and I was excited to see what else what he had in store for my birthday evening!
We got up and walked outside in the freezing cold towards his truck. Not even 2 minutes later, (Literally, NO exaggerating) I said uh-oh and turned and puked all over their pretty rocks they had neatly layed out on the side of the building. This was no little puking either. I was hoping to keep it as lady like as I could. Ya right. I probably puked as much as a 300 pound drunken man. I mean, it was a LOT! Even Derek was kinda impressed. Worse is that I couldn’t stop this freak puke burst. It was getting everywhere and he had to drag me over to the grass because it was starting to go into the parking lot. Even after going to the grass my body kept on going. Then to make matters worse, someone pulled up right behind us (there were plenty of other spots available, but no. They had to park by me) I apologized for them seeing me and we finally drove off. So for the rest of the night I stayed at Derek’s house sick. Ya, it totally rocked. It was totally awesome to have my boyfriend witness something so incredible come out of his little girlfriend. Hopefully I made him proud.
Maybe next years birthday will go better. 🙂