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I know I have been totally slackin. I probably wouldn’t say that I have been slackin’ just been really busy and tired. So here are our pics from going to California. I won’t put all of them on here, but I know that every pic does have some interesting stories….

This is on the plane going to Calif. It was actually a really smooth ride and it was amazing seeing the view. There were a ton of Missionaries on the plane so that made us feel safer knowing we weren’t going to crash. LOL!

Derek wanted me to take this in front of the Buzz Lightyear ride just to rub it in Nicole’s face. It’s her favorite ride so he thought it would be appropriate.

I tried to get a good picture of Buzz’s face. Didn’t work out so well, but I was impressed by the animitronics.

This ride was awesome! It’s a game the whole way through and you are supposed to shoot targets.

This is one of the coolest rides EVER! We went on it quite a few times. I was pretty impressed by how short the lines were. We came to this one at the right time.

We were in a nerdy mood and was trying to pretend that he was flipping the bird off of his shoulder. Aw man it was such a hot hot day.

On our way home. I thought this was so amazing. In the red there was lightning, but I barely missed it after taking this. I was pretty bummed.

Not too many pictures, but I forgot how much of a pain it is doing all of this. Ha ha, oh well. I do have to say some of the highlights of the trip was the little boy that I saved and the old lady I told off. Me and Derek went in the Indiana Jones ride A LOT and one of the times we got to sit in the front with this dad and his little boy. His son had to have been between 5-7. Well at the end of the ride the dad just got off and the little boy did a blodd curdling scream for his dad. He thought he was going to be left behind. So I hurried and un-did his seat belt and man he sure ran as fast as he could to his dad. It was funny, but sad too.
One of the last nights was incredibly busy. Everyone was crammed as if we were sardines and this older lady with a stroller was running over Derek as if she was a Queen and we were her peasants. Derek apologized even though he did nothing wrong. Instead of smiling and understanding the crowd like a normal person, she glared at him as if the gates of hell were opening. Of course, he was upset. We kept walking and I made the comment when you get old an raisiny you tend to get beasty and ornery. Now it was my turn for the evil look. I don’t care. You aren’t the only one with a stroller having to deal with a crowd of people that won’t move.

These were the most awesome 5 days I’ve had. Everything was incredible and it was the best anniversary gift ever to just spend time together and be goofs. Of course it made me feel old walking around all day and being completely exhausted by the end of the night. I don’t care. Best.sleep.ever.

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