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I know that I owe some pictures and stories about California, but something scary happened to me last week that has pushed it all back. It’s also going to take a few for me to get the pics from my camera onto here. That will be my next goal. For now I’ll talk about how I was basically starving and was dehydrated for about two weeks or so. I can’t remember exactly. These past few weeks have been horrible.
So I got on some medicine for ADHD and depression. I was put on Straterra and Depakote. Usually I don’t have bad side effects to medicine, but holy cow this stuff is definitely NOT good for me. Straterra makes you lose your appetite. That was pretty tough on me because anyone that knows me knows how much I LOVE FOOD. I get teased all the time about how I should weigh 800 punds because of how much food I can shovel in this mouth. So basically I was getting to the point where I was only eating once a day. If that. It sucked. And when I was in Disneyland I hardly ate. That’s one of the best things about going there is for food.

Ya. I was mad.

Depakote was making me naseous. It wasn’t until a week and a half after being on the medicine that I got really sick. I started to puke everyday without control. What was worse, I wasn’t able to eat much so it was like I was puking up nothing. I tried to drink as much as I could, but apparently it wasn’t good enough. After a week of throwing up everyday, this last Friday was the day it really hit me that something was seriously wrong. I was literally throwing up all morning long. I started to throw up blood. Instant panic spread, but I still made myself go to work. I didn’t want to abandon my boss because it was just us two and I felt it was my duty to at least show up. I tried to work, but I kept throwing up in the garbage.

After an hour my boss showed up. He didn’t really look at me while he was coming in, just talking. Finally he looked over at me and I said, “I think I need to go to the Instacare. I’m throwing up blood.” I felt so bad because you could tell that it was processing through his head what I just said.

Then everything started to go fast. We got someone to watch the phones and he took me to a local Instacare. Of course they figured that I was dehydrated and what not and ended up putting me on two liters of the IV drip. And you know after all of this, I still tried to go back to work.

Gotta love medicine. I wonder if anyone else has gone through this with this kind of medicine. I mean, I’m sure they have if not worse, but that was so horrible to even experience. I know that it scared everyone including me. I didn’t even care about being chastized by my doctor. I wasn’t staying on that crap anymore.

At least 3 days after being in the instacare, I’m finally getting my appetite back.

And anyone that knows me knows how happy I am about that!

Oh ya….anyone who is into seafood, let your mouth water!!! I know mine is…….


This coming Wednesday I am flying to California to play in Disneyland for 4 days. I haven’t been there since I was 14 and I was always with family so this will be nice. My boyfriend and I wanted to do something cool for our year anniversary so we figured, Disneyland would rock. The thing that sucks is since I haven’t been since I was 14, and they had to add all of this cool stuff to the place, it’s probably going to be a little overwhelming for me. So I guess I best be packing some xanax. Don’t want a panic attack.
This is so sad and pathetic to admit, but I seriously can’t remember the last time I’ve been on vacation. I’m hoping that I can get some really crazy pictures of people out there. Which I know I will. I like how different everything is in California. I mean compared to Utah. Utah has it’s unique side, but not like California.
Oh and speaking of pictures, some people don’t believe me that I’ve actually been getting some sun. Well, you will see in a few days that I’m not the white girl you once knew. In your face. 🙂 I’ll be posting pictures and give updates of our wonderful adventure that we will have fighting crowds at the airport, sitting next to smelly and hairy people, and seeing all of the “creative” people. I’m pretty sure that I can make a fun story out of it.

Until then…….ciao!!!

I’ll be recovering from a family reunion this weekend. Don’t think I’ll have much strength to write anything else after tomorrow. Well I’ve been slacking anyway. Meh…oh well.

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