So for the next year, I am getting my credit monitored for free. I don’t have to worry about only getting my credit information for free once a year, or having to pay a certain amount a month to keep tabs on everything. Normally I would be excited about this because it saves me money, but infortunately, I’m not excited. I just found out that my SSN has been stolen. Some pathetic low life thought it would be awesome to steal a bunch of medical records. I was reading in the paper of how many people that it has affected. It makes me so angry that anything could happen. I know a part that chances may be small, but the issue is there is a chance. Anyone that says not to worry and they doubt anything could happen can kiss my ass. ANYTHING can happen. I have been dating my boyfriend for almost a year and the poor guy had his credit card number stolen TWICE. Even some of my best friends ended up with fraud on their bank accounts.
The funny thing that I was thinking about (I have to make some type of joke because if I don’t, I will go insane. Trust me. Not a good idea.) if they ended up trying to use my SSN to apply for something, good luck suckers. My ex screwed me out of my credit so much, I can’t even get anything. If you are able to, good for you and share me some tips so I am able to get something nice. Otherwise, you will be smart in realizing you aint getting anything out of my social and you will move on. I have a lot of good things going on in my life now, but trust me, you won’t get any from my social. Hopeully they catch this piece of crap and give him what he desreves. Of course, I have a very twisted side and my views of  “Getting what they deserve” is considered cruel and unusual punishiment. I would probably be put away just for the thoughts of punishment that I think they deserve.
If I happen to run into that piece of cap who decided it was just oh so cool to steal these, I will plead insanity when it comes to conviction time. Being a single mother with 3 kids, I can almost guarentee that the judge would be on my side.