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So for the next year, I am getting my credit monitored for free. I don’t have to worry about only getting my credit information for free once a year, or having to pay a certain amount a month to keep tabs on everything. Normally I would be excited about this because it saves me money, but infortunately, I’m not excited. I just found out that my SSN has been stolen. Some pathetic low life thought it would be awesome to steal a bunch of medical records. I was reading in the paper of how many people that it has affected. It makes me so angry that anything could happen. I know a part that chances may be small, but the issue is there is a chance. Anyone that says not to worry and they doubt anything could happen can kiss my ass. ANYTHING can happen. I have been dating my boyfriend for almost a year and the poor guy had his credit card number stolen TWICE. Even some of my best friends ended up with fraud on their bank accounts.
The funny thing that I was thinking about (I have to make some type of joke because if I don’t, I will go insane. Trust me. Not a good idea.) if they ended up trying to use my SSN to apply for something, good luck suckers. My ex screwed me out of my credit so much, I can’t even get anything. If you are able to, good for you and share me some tips so I am able to get something nice. Otherwise, you will be smart in realizing you aint getting anything out of my social and you will move on. I have a lot of good things going on in my life now, but trust me, you won’t get any from my social. Hopeully they catch this piece of crap and give him what he desreves. Of course, I have a very twisted side and my views of  “Getting what they deserve” is considered cruel and unusual punishiment. I would probably be put away just for the thoughts of punishment that I think they deserve.
If I happen to run into that piece of cap who decided it was just oh so cool to steal these, I will plead insanity when it comes to conviction time. Being a single mother with 3 kids, I can almost guarentee that the judge would be on my side.


Wow, I didn’t even realize how long it’s been since I’ve been on here. I finally have a chance tonight to have a little get away. Well, not really. My little ones are doing there own thing so I figured, meh, may as well. A lot has been going on lately, but I’m not really much of going into detail as torturous as that may be. It’s not my style to reveal little details of really personal things and I don’t want to end up saying something I shouldn’t. Or do I?? As tempting as that may be, I won’t. First off, I can’t believe how deprived you feel when you haven’t been on the internet. I don’t want to admit that it’s a serious sign of addiction, but since I live in the day and age of technology, I can’t help but feel a need for them. Even if it is going online. Hey, when you are home with 3 kids, you can’t really go out much so going online is like “going out”. It gives you this need of fulfillment of the outside world when currently the only outside world I get is work. Not that that is a bad thing. There are plenty of fun and interesting things going on at work. Like trying to bribe my co-workers to eat my Reeses Pieces with me so I don’t feel guilty for downing that bag. Share the guilt right?

I seriously feel so much better meeting up with my old friend, the internet. It has been too long my friend and I apologize for my absence. I promise that I will be a better friend and come here more often. Wow….I must be tired. Or it’s because my kids are watching “Pingu” and it’s making me delusional……

Today I just wanted to post some of my favorite actresses. These women are incredibly talented and beautiful. I know that their are a lot of amazing actresses now, but I still favor these glamorous women. They have this class that can not be compared to the ones that are around now days. This makes me want to have a weekend of watching Alfred Hitchcock movies. I didn’t realize that Laraine Day is from my native state of Utah. Usually you don’t hear about all these really famous people that originated from here. ( I know there are some others that are here so don’t feel that you need to state the obvious of who they are or I will label you as Cletus. Hence my random comment.I’m talking about way back in the day.)
Grace Kelly is one of my most favorite ones out there. She has a lot of style and is amazing with her work.Or….was……


And of course……Laraine Day……

Rita Hayworth is absolutely stunning. 

I love how these photos capture their beauty. They could be fully dressed and their beauty still shines. Of course, I have some guy friends that couldn’t care either way. LOL I love you guys…..I think if I had a chance to go back to an era to “try it out”, I would love to go back to the era of these lovely ladies. They just seem so captivating and full of elegance. Not to mention I absolutely love the sense of stye. It’s nice that you see how they can be totally sexy and not have to show off almost every part of their skin. (Come on ladies, not everyone wants to see that…….It’s just nasty.)


So, I hardly wear white. It’s not like I don’t like it, but I just don’t have many shirts that are white. I went to Old Navy a while ago to get these shirts. I love how comfortable they are and they just plain rock. I got like 4 different colors because I’m a dork like that. If I really like a shirt, I will buy it in multiple colors. One of the colors happen to be white. Saturday I went to this amazing Mexican restaurant. I was so excited to start digging into my Chimichanga’s. (I know my spelling may be off, but I just don’t care.) The second I take a bite… guessed it. I spilled on my white shirt. Naturally I am clumsy, but usually I don’t spill on myself. Seriously, come on. WHY? Apparently there is some super natural magnetic force that attracts food to white shirts. I don’t care who you are. You could be the most saint person around, and no matter what you do to prevent this from happening, that food is going to your shirt whether you like it or not. Any other color shirt, and not a spot. I guess I’ll just have to start taking a bib with my from now on when I wear a white shirt. Heaven for bid if anyone shall see my weakness while I am wearing something so pure. 


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