I was on Urban Outfitters and ran into this. I love finding the most unusual things to make me laugh. It helps that I have an incredibly dry sense of humor so it’s so easy to make me laugh. So if you are one of those people who love to tell jokes and not a lot of people laugh at them, good chances are that I will. I am one of those people in the movie theatre that laughs at moments that others don’t. Or maybe I’m just that cool and I actually get it. 🙂 Anyway, I think this is a must have for work. I love having things on my desk that make me smile. Like Tim, I love having a little buddy on my desk. I am one of those girls who has action figures. Soon I will take pictures of my little buddies to spread the joy. So back on track, I saw this little gadget and figured this is something that would make my desk so much better for working. Don’t ask me how, but I just know that it would help…….

If I do end up getting one of these, I’ll be sure to take pictures so I can show the coolness of it. I sure do love the little things………..