I really find it funny yet irritating when women use the bathroom and after feel that it’s sufficient enough to just run their hands under the water. Like the water has super magical powers that you don’t need soap. I’m not a germaphobe (I have 3 kids, you really can’t be. Well, there are some things that I do get totally grossed out at, but I suck it up anyway.)  even so, some women can be more messy then men and I feel that if you are going to pee or whatever, use some soap. I mean especially in the work area. I don’t know if you feel that you are above everyone else and your body puts out it’s own chemical to clean your hands, but humor the rest of us and wash your hands. WITH SOAP mind you. Let us see them bubbles so we can have that sense of security that yes, your hands are officially clean. Then I don’t have to worry about coming over to fix your computer and wonder if I am going to get leftover bathroomness all over me.