I love this picture.

Ya, you know who you are  baby….. 🙂

So this is totally random and has absolutely nothing to do with the picture above, but this is what I am famous for. I love to people watch. I could sit at a store and just watch people. I hate being in crowds, but if I am at a distance, it’s ok. I love seeing all the randomness that goes on. I also love when people think that no one notices what they are doing. Like the nose pickers. Come on man. No one really wants to see you digging for your gold. And once you get your gold, you analyze your findings.  One of my favorites is watching people eat while they read. They are so focused on their book, they don’t realize when they are trying to find their straw, their straw is playing tricks on them. You see their mouth searching for the straw, but they just can’t seem to find it.  Instead of adverting their eyes from their book to actually see the straw, they are convinced that their tongue will find it for them. Little do they know the straw is moving around in circles playing tricks on them. The funny thing is, they do this for about 5 minutes before they realize they aren’t going anywhere with this. Finally, they move their eyes away from the book and go for the straw. Thank goodness. I almost went up to shove the straw in his mouth for him.