So yesterday I was on my way to Barnes and Noble to get some Far Side books. I love those…..Anywho, as I started to drive, all of the sudden it hit me. The itch. But it wasn’t just anywhere. It was on the bottom of my foot. And anyone who gets those, knows how much they suck because every time it happens, it’s like the itch is saying “Hey! I’m here! And I’m not going to let you think of anything else until you take care of me buddy!” And I was wearing my Chuck Taylors so it’s not like it’s easy to take my shoes off. You know what? The itch was right. I couldn’t think of anything else but that itch. But since I was driving, I did have to pay attention to the road. I swear this never happens until I am in a situation where I can’t immediately take care of it. So I try to rub my foot with my other foot in hopes that it would ease some of the itch. Nope. Made it worse. So I’m rushing as fast as I can to Barnes and Noble so I can take care of this stupid  thing and right as I pull up to park………………….. Yep….It was gone.
I’ll be damned.