You get an itch….when you reach to scratch, it’s not the right spot. So, you keep searching for this itch because you notice that it is getting worse and worse…..FINALLY! You found your itch……Nope just kidding. It’s still there.

Oh and what’s really weird, is any woman who has experienced a C-section (including myself), you know how much of a pain it is for recovery. But one of the things I hate about the recovery, is you lose almost all feeling in your tummy. Your nerves have been cut. No feeling. But somehow, there happens to be this little nerve that decided to withstand the cutting that comes with surgery and it stays in tact. This is the nerve that causes an itch in the place that you are numb. And no matter how hard you scratch, it’s not going away because this stupid itch is INTERNAL. How weird is it that you can’t feel anything when you touch your stomach, but this impossible to deal with nerve, can make you itch?