So I ran into this article about a teacher getting fired for appearing on the Howard Stern show in a bikini. It was a contest. Because she is a second grade teacher, the school felt that she should be setting more of an example for the kids. First off, what 7 year old is going to watch Howard Stern? And if they do, it’s the parents responsibility to make sure that they don’t. The thing that really pisses me off are these people who feel that they are above everyone else and because someone makes an innocent choice OFF SCHOOL HOURS mind you, they get punished for it. Ok principal, I am pretty sure that there are some crazy shit that you are doing after school hours that no one knows about. And most likely it is worse than what this poor woman did. Who the hell do these people think that they are judging her for this? There are so many worse things out there that we need to worry about that are far worse for our children, but yet they feel the need to make a huge deal out of this. Everyone has a right to do what they feel when it is on their own time.

I remember in grade school, there were teachers that were horrible to children. I remember one teacher that would always grab kids’ necks or just bully them. It took forever for the school to fire him. So abusing the children is ok, but appearing on Howard Stern for a contest is unacceptable. it seems that some schools need to get their priorities straight. And also needs a kick in the face. I am a parent. I don’t really care what teachers do on their own time. As long as it’s not something to the extreme, but to me, I don’t feel this is. Other may have a different opinion and that’s fine. But this really upsets me that bigger things are going on and a poor woman has to suffer because of a game show. Get a life people and mind your own damn business. No one is perfect and who the hell do you think you are judging. It’s not your place. On a lighter note…….